Tree Felling Fourways is a certified arborist and tree care business. We’ve been at the forefront of offering Tree Care Services in Fourways for over a decade. We’ve built a successful reputation for providing safe. And professional Tree Care Services like tree removal, planting and landscaping. We cover all aspects of tree care. Taking great pride in providing the most efficient Tree Removal Services in Fourways.

Tree Felling Fourways

Get Professional, Safe & Affordable Tree Felling Services in Fourways By The Specialists!

Our tree maintenance services are available to property owners. And homeowners with any size budget. Whether you have trees and shrubs or large trees that need attention. Tree Felling Fourways have the tools and the teams to help you. Our range of services includes tree and stump removal. Checking tree health, tree preservation, tree planting, tree trimming and tree removals. Provided below is a brief summary of the services we offer.

Tree Felling Wikipedia

Felling is the process of downing individual trees, an element of the task of logging. The person cutting the trees is a feller.


Arborist Services Fourways

Our Arborist Service is a complete tree care service whereby we select the tree species to plant. We plant trees and provide continuous monitoring maintenance and care for the trees.

Crown Lifting Fourways

Crown Lifting Fourways is a service whereby we remove low hanging branches of a specific height. That may be causing an obstruction to motorists and pedestrians.

Tree Felling Fourways

Tree Felling Fourways is a service whereby we remove the tree by cutting it down. We only offer this solution when a tree is causing damage to property. And we have exhausted all other alternatives and is also used for land clearing.

Tree Pruning Fourways

Tree Pruning Fourways is a service whereby we remove dead or damaged branches for safety. Pruning also helps to promote the productivity of the trees for fruit and pruning to shape a tree.

Tree Stump Removal Fourways

Tree Stump Removal Fourways is a service whereby we remove the tree stump left behind. We remove tree stumps by grinding the tree stump down. Using specialized grinding equipment.

Crown Thinning Fourways

Crown Thinning Fourways is a service whereby we remove certain tree branches. To increase light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of the tree. This helps to improve the tree’s structure and form.

There are many reasons why you could use Tree Fellers Fourways. For example, You may be a home owner with a tree in your garden that needs some trimming, care and maintenance. You may even need a tree removed or several trees removed.

Trees may also be an issue when you want to have a swimming pool installed. You might already have a swimming pool installed. And your surrounding trees are causing your pool filters to clog-up. From the organic debris caused by the tree or trees.

Trees can even become sick due to certain tree affecting diseases or insects. A sick tree dies and decays causing a serious health and safety issue.

Whatever the reason, it’s important to remember that removing a tree can be very dangerous. And destructive if you don’t know what you are doing. So it’s always better to call a Professional Tree Felling Company like Fourways Tree Felling. We can even help you determine which trees need removal. As well as show you which trees are indigenous to South Africa and which are not.


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