Tree Felling Services

Tree Felling Services are needed if your property has trees on it then it’s really important that you maintain them. Keep in mind that trees form part of your garden or landscape and environment. That’s why it’s important to maintain your trees to ensure their longevity.

Tree Felling Services

Professional, Safe and Affordable We Offer The Widest Range Of Tree Felling Services To Choose From!

We offer a wide range of Tree Felling Services as well as Tree Maintenance Services which include: Tree Cutting, Tree Health, Tree Planting, Landscaping, Arboriculture, Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, Tree Services, Tree Care, Stump Grinding, Tree Trimming and Tree Felling. Provided below are our main Tree Care Services we have to offer:

  • Crown Lifting

Crown LiftingCrown Lifting is the removal of the lower branches to a specific height. Most often than not, trees cause pedestrians as well as motorists problems by either blocking the way or causing inconvenience due to oath obstruction. In cases like this crown, lifting is a great way to take care of this problem. This service is commonly used by the city where public safety and convenience is a priority.

  • Tree Felling

In cases where trees may cause damage to property or people and there is no other solution than Tree Felling is needed. Alternatively, Tree Felling is also used in cases where more space is required to make a landscape or make space for property development.

  • Tree Pruning

Tree PruningTree Pruning is a process whereby only selected parts of a tree are removed like branches, roots or buds. Pruning removes all the dead parts of a tree and further shapes a tree to maintain its health and longevity. Pruning is also done in order to increase its productivity and stimulate growth.

  • Arborist Service

Our Arborist Service involves the selection of tree species to plant as well as the continuous maintenance and monitoring of the planted tree species.


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